Dealership Enquiry

Saera Electric Auto Pvt. Ltd has a pan India network of about 50 dealers and is willing to further expand it’s base across the country. The company looks forward to appoint more dealers for sales and service to reach to the end customer.

Some of the benefits to a dealer are listed below –                        Locate a Dealer  

1. World Class Technology

Andhra Pradesh Maharastra

2. Indigenous product

Aasam Manipur

3. Strong Network and corporate identity

Arunachal Pradesh Meghalaya

4. Top line technical and service support

Bihar Mijoram

5. Excellent training support

Chhattisgarh Nagaland

6. Continuous R & D and New Offerings

Chandigarh Odisha

7. High Quality Control

Delhi Punjab

8. Immediate Delivery

Gujrat Rajasthan

9. Competitive Rates

Goa Sikkim

10. Regular Dealer Schemes for bulk Purchases

Himachal Pradesh Telangana
  Haryana Tripura
  Jharkhand Tamilnaidu
  Jammu & Kashmir Uttar Pradesh
  kerala Uttarakhand
  Madhya Pradesh West Bangal